"Wine is aged with wise and loving care in the cellar but it is fashioned in the vineyard.".


Villa Poggiolo

This is the philosophy that brought the Dalfiume family, a name known in the field of viniculture for the past three generations, to purchase Villa Poggiolo, a commercial farm that extends for 80 hectares, almost entirely dedicated to vineyards, on the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme. A careful selection of varietal clones, the ideal exposure and soil composition and the unique microclimate of the area result in the production of high quality wines, all of which are either Controlled Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.

 All the agricultural operations that take place within Villa Poggiolo are carried out in compliance with EEC Regulation 1257/99, a regulation limiting the use of synthetic chemical products both in terms of type and quantity, the uptake of chemical nutrients and the agricultural operations that are carried out on the soil. The goal is to protect the environment as much as possible and create a more natural product. There are two guiding principles that lead the Dalfiume family in the vine cultivation and in the preparation of the wines: the pursuit for the finest quality using the most modern technologies and the most painstaking research, and the tipicity of the products while respecting tradition. Determining the right harvest time in accordance with the ripening indices, the different harvesting periods to ensure there are different and distinct types of grapes in the cellar, immediate soft pressing after harvesting, cold settling before fermentation, computerized and constant temperature control, the use of selected yeasts and the continuous checking of the musts by wine experts, guarantee the production of prestigious wines. Oak barrels for aging are placed alongside isothermal steel tanks for the perfect preservation of the wine and a cutting-edge bottling plant guarantee an exceptionally high quality product. The art of wine-making has always been synonymous with good taste, sensitivity, harmony of flavors and aromas in a unique balance; just what you will find when you taste the wines of Villa Poggiolo.

Giampaolo Dalfiume e Franco Dalfiume
Two inseparable brothers who, through their sheer willpower, sacrifice and great passion for oenology, succeed in making their father’s dream a stable and tangible reality. The new generation With the same pride and enthusiasm of their parents, Silvia and Davide prepare to pick up the "baton" in the running of the business, resolving to achieve new successes.

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