Pignoletto DOP Colli d'Imola
Pignoletto DOP Colli d'Imola

Pignoletto DOP Colli d'Imola

Typo: White wine Bottle: 0,75 Lt Varietal: Pignoletto



area vineyards

hills of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) in the wine estate “ VILLA POGGIOLO”.


the productive process follows the standards for the vinification in white; starting with a cold maceration followed by a soft pressing and then a static decantation for cleaning the must. The free-run must goes to its next fermenting phase after being poured off and with the use of selected yeasts at a temperature of 15° C. After this, the ageing on noble lees contributes with the taste\smell enhancement of the wine. Subsequently, the cold fermentation processes follow and then the bottling.

organoleptic properties

the waterfall of fragrant petals that binds elegantly with the fruit scents and surprises the sense of smell. Full and well balanced to the palate and it leaves an intense ending that makes you want to sip it to the last drop.

serving suggestions

great as an aperitif, excellent with appetizers, fish, light courses and white meat.

bottle size

0,75 Lt