Colli d’Imola DOP Cabernet Sauvignon
Colli d’Imola DOP Cabernet Sauvignon

Colli d’Imola DOP Cabernet Sauvignon

Typo: Red wine Bottle: 0,75 Lt Varietal:: Cabernet



area vineyards

hills of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) in the wine estate “ VILLA POGGIOLO”.


the right productivity and the choice of the correct period of harvesting are crucial for obtaining a great wine like the Cabernet Sauvignon of Villa Poggiolo. Vinification in red, all the crushed grape is fermented in vinificators. The fermentation, with selected yeasts, can last around 13-15 days, at a controlled temperature of maximum 25 degrees. The pumping over is every 4 hours and it allows the extraction of the most important components for red wines, the colouring substances and the noble tannins that distinguish this great red wine. After the fermentation follows the racking and the malolactic fermentation, pouring off, and after all this the wine is ready for some wood ageing for at least 12 months in large barrels or barrique. The cold stabilization, the bottling and an extra ageing for at least 6 months are the end of the production cycle.

organoleptic properties

purple red, bouquet of red berry fruits; full body, intense with soft tannins; vanilla and liquorice flavour, typical of the ageing in wood.

serving suggestions

this is a meditation wine to have with someone. It is recommended with roast meat and dishes with a strong flavour.

bottle size

0,75 Lt